Accountability Often Requires Termination

Without consequences, human beings rarely choose to be better.

No consequences, no motivation to change. And selfishness and evil continue to flourish without reflection or regret or justice.

Look, if someone engages in criminal misconduct and is sentenced to prison, isn’t that a form of “cancellation?”

Well, once a company or person reveals their inhumanity and evilness, why would I continue to do the following?

  • Watch their shows or read their books with my precious time — life.
  • Fatten their wallets with money I traded my time to earn.

So, if someone is free to choose to act the -ism fool or engage in selfish and evil misconduct, I’m free to CANCEL their arses. They’ve earned it and it’s deserved.

Now, can anyone tell me why Donald T****p isn’t wearing orange and still golfing at Mar-a-Lago? Remember, no consequences = no reflection, no regret, no justice.

4 thoughts on “Accountability Often Requires Termination”

  1. That’s right. Cancel Culture is a real thing. And for many examples, it’s about time. Symbols of a shameful past have stood for too long. Wake up America!


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