My Missing Uterus Is Pissed at the Texas Abortion Ban and More

And Texas Gov. Greg Abbott isn’t satisfied with just our uteruses

Look, up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Superman — I mean, Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

In case you haven’t heard, the governor of the “always crazy as hell state of Texas” with the help of the U.S. Supreme Court has signed into law the Texas Abortion Ban. This abortion ban accomplishes at least two horrible things:

  • It makes abortions after six weeks illegal — and there are no exceptions for rape or incest. Did you know that most women haven’t gotten the good or the bad news that they’re pregnant until after six weeks?
  • It “deputizes” Pro-Lifers to bring lawsuits against women seeking abortions as well as against anyone who supports them in any way.

Do Pro-Lifers need any further justification to insinuate themselves into the lives of other strangers or to be crazy, violent, and deadly?

And this is from a state that refuses to require background checks and training for gun ownership.

Texas has put women back in their “place.”

Frankly, I was already standing at the precipice of incredulous, but what sent me spiraling down into the chasm was the insanity frothing from the mouth of “Superman” Gov. Greg Abbott in response to why the Texas Abortion Ban includes no exceptions for rape or incest:

“Texas will work tirelessly to make sure we eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas by aggressively going out and arresting them and prosecuting them and getting them off the streets. So, goal number one in Texas is to eliminate rape. So no woman, no person will be a victim of rape.” ~ World News Tonight with David Muir, Tuesday, August 7, 2021



The governor promises to round-up ALL rapists and get them off the streets. What about the 90% of unreported rape cases? What about the rapist who lives in the home? How many of the reported rape cases are brought to trial? How many lead to actual convictions? And what about recidivism?

But never mind those questions for now, if this is the approach Texas wants to take, shouldn’t they have worked tirelessly to rank 50th — They rank in the top 20 — in the country for rape BEFORE signing such a sweeping abortion ban into law?

They haven’t, because it can’t be done.

And another thing, how is Texas law enforcement going to ascertain first-time rapists before they commit the heinous act of rape?

Again, they cannot.

In other words, the governor’s above-referenced statement is the promise of a lying fool or one who believes he is talking to an entire country (or world) of fools.

But —

The issue of whether there are exceptions for rape or incest in the Texas Abortion Ban, which should have been struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court as ridiculous and unconstitutional, muddies the water.

Fact is: The choice of motherhood belongs to the woman with the womb in question and her alone. If a woman is not in control of her reproductive timeline, she is not in control of the quality or the direction of her life.

It’s incredulous to me that in the “always crazy as hell state of Texas,” you cannot ask them to wear a mask or get vaccinated for public health.

You cannot convince the state of Texas to require background checks and training for any citizen who wakes up one morning with a desire to own a gun. Because according to Gov. Greg Abbott:

“There is a need for people to have a weapon to defend themselves in the Lone Star State.” ~ ABC 4 News

I guess Gov. Greg Abbott thinks he and his fellow Texans are still living in the Wild, Wild West.

Women shouldn’t have to defend their wombs in America in the 21st century.

In other words, according to conservative Texans, wearing masks, getting vaccines, and requiring background checks and training for gun ownership is an obstruction of their personal freedom and constitutional rights. But they are free to tell a woman that she must carry an unwanted fetus for nine months, regardless of the circumstances of how that fetus was implanted in her. And then, she must force it out into the world and decide what is to become of the baby after its birth.

What about a Texas woman’s freedom and right to defend her womb? Or are the wombs of Texas women “slaves” of the Texas patriarchy?

The Texas Abortion Ban should be an affront to all women. But let’s be honest: The women who will be most victimized by this ban are poor women of color and poor White women. And I don’t need to Google that sh*t to find a source to know that’s true.

Gov. Greg Abbott is a raving sexist lunatic. Full stop.

The Texas Abortion Ban confirms that in the state of Texas women still don’t have freedom over their own bodies. In other words, women are being penalized because of gender and denied the advantages of medical science that provides them with options to control their lives.

Apparently, in Texas, control of all wombs and the lives attached to them belongs to the “always crazy as hell state of Texas” conservative patriarchy.

Are you terrified yet? Because I am. Because we all know that too many conservatives love to blindly follow and vote for the evil and the demented. We can only hope this backward, evil nonsense does not escape and infect other Republican states.

God help us.

Who’s Next? Black and Brown that’s who.

Now, that the “always crazy state of Texas” with Supreme Court support has gotten away with holding wombs of Texas women hostage: Who’s next up on Texas’ hit list?

I’ll tell you who.

Recently, Greg Abbott signed one of the most restrictive Voting Rights Bill into law. And just like that his sexist and racist political agenda merged.

And you know who the targets are of this Voting Rights Bill? They are People of Color and the poor of any color. Because the only way the Republican Party of this country can win is by cheating and “silencing” the vote of the everyday citizen. This has been their way for the last 156 years. Make no mistake, with the passing of the restrictive Voting Rights Bill, People of Color are being Jim Crowed.

… too many conservatives love to blindly follow and vote for the evil and the demented.

We can thank Donald “Dino Dung” T****p for revealing how low the Republican Party will slither to “win” and acquire and maintain power. They’re willing to support psychopathy, narcissism, corruption, damn lies, and the denial of facts to “win.” This is my opinion based on the insane amount of political gerrymandering, corruption, and assaults against democracy I’ve witnessed with my own two eyes since 2015.

And what’s most alarming is conservatives aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. This is how we know the soul of our country is in trouble. When unscrupulous politicians don’t feel they have to carry out their foul misconduct undercover. For these immoral politicians, every misdeed is tweetable or a photo-op moment.

I’m a woman. I’m Black. I’m an American citizen. And I don’t feel safe on any of those fronts? Do you?

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  1. Wow!!! No better statement on the truth of what is happening in Texas and what some wish to happen nationwide has been made.

    The Republican Party that exists now is not one of small government and fiscal conservatism , but of patriarchy and overreach.


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