The Texas Abortion Ban Is Bullsh*t

I don’t have a uterus — and I’m pissed about the latest attack against women’s reproductive rights by the always crazy as hell state of Texas.

The Texas Abortion Ban is a step backward for Human Rights.

Full stop.

Texas conservatives are hypocrites. This decision smells of Taliban-ism.


And then, they’re pitting can’t-mind-my-own-damn-business private citizens against private citizens seeking abortions. WTF?!

You can’t tell conservative Texans to wear a mask, get a vaccine, or be responsible about gun ownership. But they’re free to slither up into a woman’s uterus and set policies with consequences for her life they don’t have to live with.

What’s next?

  • Voter suppression to return People of Color back to the Jim Crow era?
  • The reversal of LGBQT rights to shove them back into the closet?

Roe vs. Wade (and Voting Rights) should’ve been won and done.

This is a steaming pile of dinosaur bullsh*t!

3 thoughts on “The Texas Abortion Ban Is Bullsh*t”

  1. All women that live in Texas should be pissed! How dare those conservative Supreme justices and leaders in Texas take it upon themselves to tell women what they should and shouldn’t do with their bodies?! The way to get rid of them is by showing up at the voting box and voting their asses out of office!


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