The General Election 2016 Results: Heartbreaking and Terrifying!

What else can I say?!


So I weep.

4 thoughts on “The General Election 2016 Results: Heartbreaking and Terrifying!”

  1. The sad reality is that lack of enthusiasm by Black Americans for Hilary and the misguided notion that the candidates were the same , led to decreased voting. Every working class Black person that I spoke to, from my gym to Barbershop to store expressed these views and no interest in voting. I think to be nice some said that they would on election day.

    This combined with more Blacks and Latins voting for Trump versus Romney leads us to today. I am cautiously optimistic, because I have no choice and he is our President.

  2. Succeed at what? Building walls. Taking the country back from the blacks, the Latins, and the Muslims so that the white man can be great again! If that is his brand of success, then I have every reason to be horrified for MY future!


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