The Humongous Lie: You Mattered

FACT: A democracy is a system of government by the majority of the population, the people.

Since Hilary Clinton did in fact win by the popular vote, but she’s not our President-Elect, there can be no doubt that we who are citizens of these United States are not members of a democracy!

Too many of us have sat at the “table” and allowed the political system to “feed” us a plate piled high and overflowing with a serving of savory, steaming dung!

Hm, so I ask: How are you enjoying this truly surreal “dish of dung?”

My vote did NOT matter in General Election 2016! And if yours was one of the 2.5+ million popular votes for Hilary Clinton, then neither did yours!

Well, it’s one  month since General Election 2016 results — and for me there is still an offensive stench at the table and a gross and repulsive aftertaste in my mouth!

The electoral system in this country is long overdue for a total “flush!” Think about this: Its very foundation–its birth–is built on dysfunction: i.e., illogic, sexism, racism, elitism, corruption,  intolerance, exclusion, and injustice.

If we’re to end our hypocrisy and become a truly democratic nation, the electoral college must be “euthanized” and re-built using the concepts of basic arithmetic (you know, 1+1), logic, inclusion, and justice at its core.

In this new electoral system, the individual vote of every man and every woman who cares enough to get up, go out, wait in line, and cast a vote for their candidate is acknowledged and counted for!

I’m here and my voice should matter!  Shouldn’t yours too?

When every single person who cares enough to make the effort to show up and to engage in the process is counted for, this is true Democracy.

So the real question is this: When are we going to live up to our hype?

And if you’re interested, here is why I casted my vote for her!

5 thoughts on “The Humongous Lie: You Mattered”

  1. This whole election result was so very unreal! I have decided that I will never cast another vote in a presidential election unless the SUPER Delegate System is abolished. My vote and millions more did not count in this election. So now we are stuck with an assclown for the next four years. May God help us all!

    • I could not agree more! I am not a fool. And until this illogical electoral college system is abolished, I will not waste another single minute of my life casting a vote that does not count!

  2. Is this simply not the truth! I find myself most angry at Evangelical Christians, who profess to know and love the Lord. They express an understanding of truth and Christian charity and yet have supported the whore monger-in-chief. Americans with true integrity would want this change. Unfortunately we are mostly just whores.

    • Whore monger-in-chief! I love it! I am glad that there is another kindred spirit out there as enraged as I am. I am so sick of what seems like polite conciliation. I am good and disgusted with the hypocritical evangelical arseclowns who voted for evil and against Christ and the black people whined their way out of voting.

  3. There is no maybe about: The electoral college must be flushed! And if the Democratic Party had any balls, we would not be in this sorry place today. They let the ball fall back then with Gore vs. Bush, which left our country open to this ridiculous nonsense we all have to live with for the foreseeable future.


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