Today, I made my mommy cry…

This is my very first post and I think it is a fitting one.

Frankly, it has always been a real struggle for me to stay positive. But this morning,  I got to thinking hard about what I could be grateful for and decided to make it my job to have a change of attitude today!

And once I started, it was like the heavens opened and the angels began to sing. So I sent this via email to my lovely mum:

Today, I am grateful for the following:

  • That both my mum and dad adore me
  • That I am not hungry at this moment
  • That I have clean water to drink and bathe in
  • That I can be warm indoors when it’s BRRR outside
  • That I have a reliable car to drive and I don’t have to take public transportation
  • That I have health insurance, Dr. Chandler, and Dr. Veronica
  • That I have a new laptop, tablet device, and 40+ Mbps of Internet speed to type this email and start my blog
  • That I have a great point-and-shoot camera to take amazing pictures for my blog
  • That I am getting an awesome hobby/sewing table soon
  • That I can sew my dreams
  • That I STILL have dreams I want to make and flaunt
  • That I have true blue friends who have chosen to love and stay in the trenches with me all these years

Your crazy, loving daughter,


Call to action: So do me a favor, will you? Stop whatever it is you are doing right now, and take a moment to ponder what it is you can truly be thankful for as 2014 comes to an end.

And then share it with someone — anyone. You might just make someone weep sweet tears.

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