Touch Me, Kiss Me, Thrill Me

One of the loveliest aspects of romantic love is the enduring imprint it inevitably leaves on our heart and body.

So much so that even if “love” only lasts for an hour, a day, or weeks, years later when other “urgent” memories have faded, the memory of a single moment can still reach down into our being with its long arms and touch us deeply.

This is a true story of such a moment of “love:”

He was no longer her bistro table.


He was standing close enough behind her that she could feel his sultry breath on her neck.

Yes, he was standing so close, too close, as if it was the most everyday thing do, which it most definitely wasn’t.

The indelible imprint is one of the loveliest aspects of romantic love.

Then, he leaned in and brushed his full lips lightly against the soft curve of her neck. She quickened, her knees went weak, and then she melted.

Call to action: Has “love” ever flung you into the heavens? If so, tell us about it.

5 thoughts on “Touch Me, Kiss Me, Thrill Me”

  1. Love has flung me into the heavens, but I would rather live on earth with true friendship and steady /supportive love. Romantic love is like an intoxicating drug, that makes one feel like he is in the clouds. The problem is that it is never sustainable .

    This is perhaps a good thing. All of that passion and heat living at the surface , leads to a less secure society. The issue is that this crazy romantic love is associated with jealousy and other negative components. When this is unleashed into a 24/7 world only instability ensues.

    • I agree with everything you said, but “being flung” is so very intoxicating and sometimes irresistible (at least when I was young). And still I wish–hope–that we can find a way to sustain some degree of “being flung” in our steady/supportive relationships.


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