The Unknown One

It is Valentine’s Day! And I wrote a few words for anyone who still longs after true love:

I know not whose eyes I will twinkle in
Or where those eyes that know my soul resides
Or even if those eyes will ever gaze upon my soul
And lay it soft and bare
I only know that my heart waits
And that as it beats
My love for the unknown one lives and grows

My heart longs after a full belly
Of love
To twinkle in the unknown one’s eyes
Like the brightest star twinkles
In the blackness of the of the velvet sky
Bright, shining,
Dazzling without compare

My heart is hopeless with despair
But hopes
Split asunder into a billion tiny bits
But whole
Wonders why, when, how, where
But knows
Drained empty with nothing left to give
To quench a thirsting heart
But flooded to the brim and overflowing

Call to action: Are you still longing after love or have you put that dream away? Or did you win the love lottery?

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