War Is So Stupid

The situation in Afghanistan is an epic human disaster.

I feel for the everyday people of Afghanistan, especially the women and children. I DO.

But —

America has been there for 20 years — 20 years. I’m not even going to pretend I comprehend what the hell this was all about.

During the Afghanistan War, thousands of American sons and daughters, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters have been lost or negatively impacted forever.

If after 20 years, the Afghan people are unwilling or unable to fight and die for their future, what was the point of all this American death and sacrifice?

It makes no sense to keep risking more American lives for a nation that seems unmotivated to fight for itself.

President Joe Biden is right to pull American soldiers out of hell.

And my heart goes out to the Afghan people, especially the women and children. SIGH.

2 thoughts on “War Is So Stupid”

  1. Yes, I’ve heard of the atrocities committed specifically against women and children. Why, because they are easy marks. Villages raided in nightfall taking people away never to be seen again. I believe we still have a very small presence for this large transition after twenty years. The Taliban are murderous bastards.

  2. This reminds me of the song sung by Boy George. ‘War is stupid, people are stupid” And it’s always the innocent people that suffer the most.


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