Lying under a tree, looking up at God

Happy Wednesday!

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, and I’m feeling sad…

image of looking up through gnarled tree branches from beneath

but it is absolutely stunning outside, I find myself the tallest, oldest, and greenest tree, I lie beneath it, I look up, and I bask in the wonder of dappled sunlight dancing playfully on my skin. And I imagine that God is sprinkling goodness down on me.

Call to action: Open up and share what brings you close to God, infinity, or whatever you call it?

NOTE: This picture was taken in Victoria, B.C., one of the prettiest places in the world, several years ago. I found such immense beauty in the twisty, gnarly branches blanketed in a patina of lichen.

2 thoughts on “Lying under a tree, looking up at God

  1. @S.P. It was a particularly glorious day in Victoria when I shot this picture. In fact, I used my camera more that day than I ever had previously. Inspiring city!

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