Do You Need Healing?

Did you know that the surface of this planet we call home is blanketed by over 70% water?

Did you also know that the average human adult is around 60% water by weight?

And did you know that while we can go weeks without eating, we would die a cruel and horrible death after about three to five days (certainly, no more than a week) if we are deprived of water?

Did you know that a body that is dehydrated cannot absorb or digest food?

That’s the science.

But all I know is that when I stand close by and listen to the quiet melody of a brook babbling with the rocks…

image of a babbling brook

Or next to a still lake…

image of a still river

Or by a river, especially when it is bathed with the golden hue of late evening…

image of a river bathed with the golden hue of late evening

Or watch from under the cool shade of a jumbo palm tree as the water skips back and forth like a giddy girl in love along the shore…

image of an ocean shore line

Or watch it show off its very impressive “muscle” as it clashes and crashes against the rocks…

image of water clashing and crashing against the rocks

Or listen to the song of raindrops on the rooftop as I snuggle between my clean, cool sheets…

image of raindrops on the pavers

Or let it cascade over me from head to toe during my evening shower…

image of a showerhead

… in the blink of an eye, the voices in my head are silenced; my mind becomes as fluid as a river; my soul as still as a lake; and my spirit as rejuvenated like the earth is after the rains have restored it after a long drought.

So, if you are having a 48-hour day and that one good nerve you have is feeling irreparably shredded, look to one of nature’s most healing forces: Water. It always works for me.

Call to action: Now, after looking at these images, tell me true, don’t you feel better?! (Well, then. You’re welcomed.)

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7 thoughts on “Do You Need Healing?

    1. I know what you mean. So many of my post ideas or how to even begin a post comes to me while I am in the shower. It is amazing!

  1. Yes indeed, of all the planets in our solar system, earth is the water planet. As you said, our makeup is over 60 percent water. I consider it a most important issue for our present and future generations to come. I don’t hear any of our presidential candidates talking about it.

    1. You are right. Although water covers 70% of our planet, there are more than a half billion people who are struggling to this life sustaining force. We do more than talk about it!

    2. Many of the moons are water worlds:

      “The Galileo spacecraft, launched by the space shuttle Atlantis in 1989, provided scientists decades of data to analyze before the probe plunged into Jupiter’s atmosphere in 2003. One of the most significant discoveries was the inference of a global salt water ocean below the surface of Europa. This ocean is deep enough to cover the whole surface of Europa and contains more liquid water than all of Earth’s oceans combined.”

  2. Oh, my goodness! What beautiful lovely reminders of water. I love and have enjoyed all of your references. However, the one that leave me feeling refreshed and alive is a very tall glass of cold water to quench my thirst. Blend yours with mine and you have a perfect prescription for healing. Take away my food, but I will kill you for my water. So yes, water is very vital for our healing and existence.

    1. Thank you for the reminder of how refreshing a tall, cold glass of water is, especially when it is very hot and very humid. Yes, water is so necessary. I cannot even imagine the value of any planet that lacks water.

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