Where Are Your Pearls?!

Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you. ~ Matthew 7:6, King James Version

The years have taught me much about myself.

I have learned that my heart cares too much; that my soul is fragile; and that when I get hurt, the pain cuts deep and scars permanently.

So for all those people who have deceived me, used me, cast me aside like a Dixie cup or used gum, and maligned my good name:

  • I don’t hate you. Truth is, these days I rarely give you a second thought.
  • And I forgive you.
  • And I am not bitter. Just tired.
  • And I STILL do not want you in my life.


Well, I choose to pick up my precious pearls–my heart, my soul, my tender nature–and only share them with those who can appreciate their true worth, rather than leave them lying in the mud and muck to be trampled under the feet of the narcissistic, the selfish, and the crazy.

That is, I choose to embrace with my whole heart that I am worthy.

Call to action: What has the years taught you about yourself? And by the way, where are your pearls?

8 thoughts on “Where Are Your Pearls?!”

  1. Let X = X
    Alexi Helligar

    We emerge at birth heart broken.
    (This why newborn babies wail;
    And why the black cicadas peal
    their strident plaint)

    And we search the earth for love:
    Even to the point of losing hope;
    Thinking we will never find it;
    Thinking we do not need it to cope

    But love always proves us wrong.
    It is everywhere and in everything;
    Without it every enraptured particle
    Would instantly fly apart

    Love always finds a way.
    We see its path most brightly;
    When gazing into a lover’s eyes,
    Suddenly! we have wings

    So let us make love the centre:
    The everything left when all is lost;
    The singing curio bird after a storm;
    The kind descending dove

    Let your love be the joyful pain:
    The richness you will recreate;
    The fulfilment of your desires;
    A soothing breeze, or vivid fire

    Let your love be your one true empire:
    The laughter of the magnificent sun;
    The forever long, forever long song of;
    Wife, husband, family – home.

  2. My pearls are around my neck close to my heart. It has been a very long time since I find anyone who is worthy of them. Therefore, I guard them diligently.

  3. So true, Janine. We decide our worth, not others. The only thing we truly own in this world is our reputation. Its hard to let go of deserved hate and earned contempt for those who have wronged us along our journey of life. I am glad you have reached that point, and I know its the right way to think. I’m trying too.

    • I know that when I feel especially tired and weary of life’s challenges, I can allow a little anger or bitterness to seep back in. But I do feel the way I stated in my post more often than not. In any case, if you can reach this point it is good for YOU, but if you cannot, there is no shame. Some things are just too much for some of us to ever get over!

  4. My pearls I guard closely and share only with those who I already know are worthy. Perhaps, this leads to newer relationships not being as meaningful or as deep as long established ones. At this point, I have no interest in roller coaster rides, literally or figuratively. There are people in ones past to present, who one must like and love from afar lest one loses those pearls.

    • Yes, I couldn’t agree more. With age, I find roller coaster rides too exhausting to bear and uninteresting. I personally have learned that things of value should be cherished and shared only with those who understand and can appreciate.


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