White Descendents, “Closure” on Racism Is Up to You

“Closure” has always been in your hands

In this country, the White forefathers started this evil criminal conduct of oppression, abuse, and injustice against the Black collective, the Native American collective, and the Mexican-American collective. FACT. And then, they continued to execute it for centuries. Also, FACT.

First, I wrote, “Why the United States of America Is a Felon ~ But Still No Justice for Victims.” 

And it begat “White America, This Is the Defense of a Child.”

And that begat this wonderful comment:

Okay, let’s break this comment down. It’s simple really. Yes, it is.

To expound on paragraph 1 of the comment above — 

Why are so many White Americans comfortable conceding and vilifying the horrors of the Jewish Holocaust? But they are still unwilling to acknowledge this country’s historical, horrific criminal conduct — and its continuing and ongoing existence even today — against Black people (and other People of Color)?

Too many White Descendents are still voting for injustice and inequality.

If the answer is: It’s personal, too close to home. Well, I say, grow the hell up and find your backbone, decency, and conscience to stand tall and tackle your country’s history. Then, with haste, do what you know needs to be done or undone. And, after 156 years, we all know what those things are.

To expound on paragraph 2 of the comment above — 

Ignorantia juris non excusat” is a legal principle. It translates to “ignorance of law excuses no one.” In other words, we cannot use the ignorance of the law as a defense for our criminal conduct.

So, I submit that “being a product of their time and place” does NOT excuse the White forefathers of this country from posthumous culpability for their evil, immoral, criminal conduct against People of Color. In other words, if ‘time and place’ were a valid defense, then why are “civilized,” modern countries still hunting and crucifying Nazi war criminals?

Because “time and place” is not a defense.

Furthermore, too many White Descendants continue to commit political and social crimes against all People of Color. And then, they squabble and deflect about their continuing and ongoing criminal conduct as accessories after the fact.

As members of humanity, individually and collectively, the challenges Life “deals” us reveal our character. In other words, it’s our choices that determine whether we are  good or evil, right or wrong. And as long as this country continues to squabble and deflect, rather than do right by all Americans, it’s not good or right here [point to brain/mind] or here [point to heart/soul].

White descendants have the power to create “closure” on this country’s horrific criminal conduct against People of Color.


Bottom line —

If White Descendents insist on continuing the “work” of their forefathers by supporting racist politicians and justices and their racist political agendas, how are People of Color and the United States of America supposed to achieve “closure” and move past the historical and current injustices committed by this country? How?

10 thoughts on “White Descendents, “Closure” on Racism Is Up to You”

  1. You are right Janine. Time and place is not a valid defense. Just another example of whataboutisms. I don’t know if society can ever get to a good place on race. It’s really amazing there has not been a greater reckoning.

    • Dave E. Yes, it is another example of whataboutism. And, frankly, I don’t believe we are ever going to get closure on this hot mess. I am also surprised that White People have essentially gotten away with what essentially amounts to slaps on the wrist for their evil, immoral, criminal conduct against so many other human groups. SIGH.

  2. Good Questions! But will those who can answer them and make a difference in the lives of people of color step forward and do so? Will they?

  3. A sad reality is that we will never receive closure. The status quo of today benefits white people and most are not willing to admit how it got that way. This makes it impossible to change without first acknowledging it.


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