White America, This Is the Defense of a Child

It doesn’t matter who helps in the commission of a crime, each offender is still culpable for their criminal conduct

Some white people are sooooo simple-minded.

Recently, I wrote an article on Medium called “The United States of America Is a Felon ~ But Still No Justice for Victims.” In the article, the victims I specified were Africans, Native Americans, and Mexican-Americans.

I knew when I hit the green button to publish that White worms would crawl out of the soil and make stupid comments or cry “Whatabout.”

And, of course, the worms didn’t disappoint.

Frankly, I try not to get down in the soil and worm about with the stupid, the selfish, or the crazy, but I couldn’t ignore this comment. I was compelled to answer this comment troll. But even after responding to the wormy comment, I wasn’t satisfied, so here I am writing this article.

Here’s the comment that inspired this article:

Listen, if I could give an Academy Award nomination for the Best Racist Whataboutism, I would choose this one, and it would, probably, win the Oscar hands down.

Now, here’s my response of disgust to this immoral nonsense.

Comment troll, “I KNOW THAT!”

Here’s the thing.

Some White people suck. Some Black people suck. Some Native Americans suck. Some Asians suck. Yada Yada Yada. Fact is, this is the one common denominator we’ll find across all colors of people: Some people suck. Throw money into the equation and it’s dispiriting how low humanity will sink for a buck.

Yes, Africans assisted White men in and profited from the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Duh. Because there’s no way in hell those wicked weak-arse White men could have navigated the African continent by themselves to acquire their human cargo. 

And those Africans who assisted the White men in their felonious criminal conduct are also guilty as sin. Yes, they aided White men in the commission of felony crimes against other Africans. Heinous crimes that would remain in progress for centuries. As far as I’m concerned, those Africans who aided White men and profited are accessories before and after the fact — and I hope they rot in hell.

The White forefathers of this country are still felons and guilty as sin.

But here’s what I know: The White forefathers of this country are still guilty and culpable for their criminal conduct against hundreds of thousands of African women, children, and men. Full stop.

And another thing I know is this: If the White forefathers of this country had not with premeditation and intent built human cargo ships and sailed the Atlantic Ocean to the coast of West Africa with the sole intent to acquire human African cargo, Africans would not have had an opportunity to betray other Africans. In other words, it was White men who set the stage for the horrific inhumanity of chattel slavery to play out in the US. Full stop.

This is the defense of a child.

Bringing this ignorant, insane Whataboutism to the discussion table is the defense of a child. “Mommy, Bubba helped so why are you picking on me?” In other words, imagine standing before a judge, accused of first-degree murder and wailing, “But Judge, Bubba helped, so why am I on trial at all?”

How ridiculous and unintelligent does that sound?! 

Bottom line:

A White person crying that the White forefathers had help from Africans in the commission of a centuries-long crime spree is not a damn defense — it is NOT a good or logical legal argument. This Whataboutism is just a dance of avoidance. It is a tiresome, lame attempt to deflect and distract from the topic at hand — the wicked, immoral criminal conduct of the United States of America.

4 thoughts on “White America, This Is the Defense of a Child”

  1. Thanks, Janine. Whataboutisms are a cop-out. Of course, some Africans assisted in the capture and sale of other Africans. Yes, they are guilty as hell. Basic survival instincts tell you if you’re involved in the slave trade you probably are not going to be human cargo yourself.

    • Well, you make a good point about Africans assisting to avoid being victimized. I don’t doubt there was an element of this involved too. But something tells me greed and human wickedness were the dominant motivators. It’s all so heartbreaking.


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