Are You Wondering How Society Got So “Sick?”

You’re not alone. What the frack is humanity doing? Because whatever the hell it is, unless we stop it, it’s guaranteed to be our undoing

I’m a Black person. I’ve suffered my share of micro and macro aggressions at the hands of White people and white privilege.

I’m a woman. I’ve been sexually harassed, inappropriately touched and propositioned in the work place and elsewhere. And I know what it means to fear being victimized by a man.

I’m a human being–and the rise of T***pism; the handling of and the response to COVID-19 pandemic; the evil misdeeds of the Republican party; and more has revealed how hostile, dangerous, and hopeless life in America and on planet Earth is.

More than once, my heart has been smashed, stomped on, and discarded like a Dixie cup by someone I loved and who swore he loved me.

In other words, I’m old enough to know. I’m not stupid. I’m not a child. And still, here I am asking why…

Why is life but 70 seconds long
Yet pain and disease a constant companion for some
And Mr. Death mocks us all
Never letting us for a second forget
Forget how suddenly he can extinguish our life’s light
On just a whim, we’re gone

Why do some toil at nothing more than
A sport, a show, a song, a “certain look”
Yet their coffers burgeon with treasure for their puny efforts
Of doing nothing at all
While others toil, toil, toil all their days
Just to keep the wolves of insolvency at bay
Or lay down their lives to serve and protect
Or find value in bringing knowledge to the hope of our future
For nothing more than the jingle jangle of pocket change

Why do we exalt the rich and the “famous”
Could they exist without our adulation
Without the pedestal we’ve erected in their honor
Of course not
Yet we pay homage to these “gods” we’ve created
All shiny and inviting on the outside
But black, hollow, even evil on the inside
Without heart, without soul

Why is love like the breath of air itself
So critical, so crucial to sustaining our very life force
But so many are suffocating
And dying just a tiny bit each day
Way down deep in the secret corridors of their hearts
Where no one wanders
For lack of love—for air itself
Our faces hard without hope
Our hearts resigned, bitter without hope

And I wonder why…

Final Thoughts

We’re expected to be mature adults by age 30–if not before.

Civilization is thousands of years old. But the ills of society — wars, systemic racism, systemic sexism, systemic sexual biases, elitism, and all the other fugly -isms — are proof of our profound dysfunction and immaturity.

After thousands of years, we’re as mentally and socially mature as a two-year old with learning disabilities. What is humanity’s excuse for its immaturity and inhumanity? When will we become “civilized?” When the hell does humanity plan to grow the frack up?

6 thoughts on “Are You Wondering How Society Got So “Sick?””

  1. I think a lot of people exalt the rich and famous because they are who they aspire to be come them. In doing that they lose their own identity.

  2. I love…what the frack is going on… I’m grateful that we have a decent President now who has just signed into law the Anti-Asian Hate Crime bill. Hate has no place in America!!! I think it should be an Anti-Hate crime bill that includes everyone. At least this is a step in the right direction. Could you just imagine how Tr☆☆p would have handled this? Black Lives matter, Asian Lives matter, All Lives matter.

    • Well, I’m glad for any laws against hate. I don’t know what the content of this law is. But Black people are still waiting. I wonder why it is so easy to sign into law an Anti-Asian Hate crime bill. I guess Asian lives are more important than Black lives. Frankly, this smells like bullsh*t.

  3. Very powerful and affecting article Janine. How did we get to this place as a society? It seems like the whole world turns a blind eye every day in every way. I want a change.


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