Yes, Yes, Yes

No and Yes are without a doubt the two most powerful words in any human language.

I believe fervently in a calm but definite “No,” as well as the bold, occasional (Okay, who am I kidding? These days, it is more than occasional!) “Hell no!

And I also believe ardently in a generous “Yes;” and if the Lady of (Mis) Fortune is having a very good day and just so happens to be looking directly at me,  the very precious “Yes, Yes, Yes.”

Truly, No and Yes coexist together like the wrong side and the right side do in the same garment.

Because as I have stated before: You must first say no to the things you do not want before you can say yes to the things that you do.

So after “No” has cleared the path of all that rubbish that stupid people, arseclowns, and life has a tendency to litter your path with, here is just a sampling of the things you can begin say a definite Yes to:

Yes, I am Queen of Sheba (or Prince of Persia). Therefore, no one is allowed to treat me as if I am prey or to toss me aside like a Dixie cup — and not be held accountable.

Yes, I have opinions and preferences. Duh! Deal with it!

I can and I will.

Yes, I am more than capable. I can make a meaningful difference even if it is only by living with integrity or with the smallest, random act of generosity.

Yes, I am here. Therefore, I matter too in any relationship equation.

Yes, I want in.

Yes,  I want to see and be seen. I want to feel and be felt. I want to touch and be touched. I want to hear and be heard. I want to understand and be understood.

And, of course, yes, yes, yes to the 11th Commandment, but only after someone has proven themselves to be truly, madly, deeply worthy of me.

Here’s an important truth: If our lives are to have even the possibility of any real depth of meaning or to be kissed with even a touch of sweetness, after we have been brave enough to say “No,” we must be strong enough and wise enough to say, “Yes.”

Call to action: What are some other things you believe we should say Yes to?

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4 thoughts on “Yes, Yes, Yes”

  1. I agree that letting No clear your path allows you to see the road ahead so that you have an idea what you want in this life. Sometimes, we have to go with our gut feeling. Right and Wrong does share something with Yes and No.

    • Yes, life is about the road ahead; and our decisions have such an impact on which roads are available to us. Mm, I think you’re on to something: right and wrong can definitely be related to yes and no. I think you may have given me a future post idea. Thanks!

  2. There are times in life when we are pressured by other people to do things that we know are not in our best interest. A resounding No should be the only answer. Also, we know that there are those times when we have to say Yes even when we would rather say No. In this world we live by checks and balances. No and Yes work together to balance our life.

    With this said. Both women and men should strive to think for ourselves. Take control of your life, you only live once. Choose your No’s and Yes’es very carefully!

    • You get me. It is all about being conscious. We need to know when to say No and when to say Yes. We need to make sure that we have weighed the expense of going either way and be as sure as we humanly can that the benefits will likely to outweigh the risks and that our No’s and Yes’es are aligned with our values.


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