You Do, I Be

When it comes to how we like to almost always spend our time, most of us fall clearly into one of these two categories:

  • Those who be
  • Those who do

Being people are those who savor spending their time unstructured, reading, pondering, gazing at the stars, and, well, merely being without excessive physical effort, and might I add, sweat.

Doing people, on the other hand, are those whose lives are defined by the activities — usually stimulating and/or physical and often sweaty — that they do.

Who is right? Who is wrong?


And while Ryan is correct that most relationships of opposites eventually fail under the “burden” of their differences, I do not think repulsion is necessarily inevitable in this matter.

Do you expect someone you love to “compromise” and engage in activities that makes them unhappy, even miserable, as the price of being in a relationship with you?

Because if we really, really like or love another person’s essence and if  we can allow another the freedom to be or to do as is their nature without demanding painful compromises and be satisfied with enjoying them during our in between times, an uncommonly good relationship may just be the happy result.

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5 thoughts on “You Do, I Be”

  1. Opposite can and do attract! However, it takes two people who are well developed to understand that as human beings we have our own likes and dislikes and be mature enough to give each other the space they need when it is requested.

    People on a whole are not joined at the hip. We can be in the same room doing different things that we like to do, but we are still together enjoying each other company. When people decide to be involved with those who are opposite to them, they should take the time to make certain that they are compatible; because if they are not, they should be saying I won’t, instead of I do.

    • If we decide to enter into relationship with someone who is our opposite, we should make darn sure that we are able to allow them to be free to be or do who they are. Very often these aspects of our temperament are not easily manipulated in the spirit of compromise or because it would be convenient. Further, we should be very careful what we compromise on lest we lose our souls.

  2. I do, you be. I think opposites can and do attract. Its nice to have things in common or mutual interests, but certainly not essential. I would say that you and I are a great example of that. Our love for each other is real in so many ways, including, but not limited to, twenty plus years of built up credits. I am lucky to have a real love in you Janine.


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