You Must Create

I can imagine the roads lined with cherry trees, dogwood trees, crape myrtle trees dressed to impress with pink buds… white buds… new life… new possibilities.

I can almost inhale the sweet smell of fragrant blossoms wafting through the air, tickling my nose.

I can feel the gentle fingers of a cool breeze lightly caressing my bare shoulders and arms like a new lover.

Yes, there is still a chill in the air, but it’s almost here. And I — oh wait a minute while I …. achoo, achoo — can’t wait to welcome spring with wide open arms and shed these layers and layers of clothes! (Plus, you know it is also such a perfect season to fall into love too.)

Anyhoo, I’ve been sharing pieces of my  heart  with you for a few months now; and it occurred to me just yesterday that the onset of the season of rebirth and growth would be a perfect time to pause, inhale, and take stock on why we should create in whatever form that thrills us.

Currently, my form of creating is sharing my inner world through the words I share on this blog. And because our motivations and intentions are so crucial to living an examined life, I would like to share why I write with you. So here it goes:

I write to share my dreams of life and love, because I can’t bear the way it really is.

I write my thoughts and feelings, because I hope that maybe one person will find refuge or value in them as I have in the writings of others.

I write because you shouldn’t have to be famous or rich or notorious to feel your voice has value.

I write because some things need to be said, have to be said.

I write because I hope… I hope… that there are others out there just like me and that we’ll find each other.

Lastly, I write because my mum has pleaded with me to do so for years, so I finally said, “Yes.” Because I want her to be happy and so proud.

A creator to my mind is someone who expresses his inner world outwardly — you could be an originator of words; or paint or photograph visual orgasms; or compose music that soothes, connects, or transports; or play an instrument; or dance as a way to embrace life; or bake sweet confections and share; or thoughtfully dress uniquely your way; or…

Our world today is starving more than ever for more of us to take up the grail and become creators of love, of beauty, of good, of peaceful expression.

So I would urge you to join me: Stop, pause, and ask yourself: “What can I create?”

Call to action: In the comments below, if you are a creator, share with us what and why you create. And if you haven’t yet begun to create, share why not, and then, be brave and share something you yearn to express outwardly. Talk to me!

This post is inspired by Leo’s post Finding Your Voice. My favorite line from his post is: “I write of simplicity in a world that’s needlessly complicated.”

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  1. This is one of your greatest blog post. I truly believe that with the help of God you are one of four of your father and I’s greatest creations. However, after reading this, I am eagerly searching in my heart to see how I can be more creative going forward.


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