Janine Helligar

I am. I ponder. I write.

Welcome to my space… the place where I come share a truth or a peeve or frankly announce when I notice that “the emperor” is indeed naked as a newborn babe.

I must confess to three things:

(1) that I am a obsessed with the perfect grilled cheese sandwich;

(2) that I sometimes cannot help microwaving to gooey perfection and then inhaling cheese in the stillness before the break of dawn; and

(3) that there are no words, no words to how discontentedly wretched I am when I am wearing anything other than a very pretty dress and, of course, very pretty shoes–yes, even when it is an arctic 40 degrees!

So now you know.

Why not get comfortable and spend a bit of time with me. And you can begin with my favorite observations:

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