Janine Helligar

I am. I think. I write.

Welcome to my space… the place where I come share a truth or a peeve or frankly announce when I notice that “the emperor” is indeed naked as a newborn babe.

I must confess to three things:

(1) that I am a obsessed with the perfect grilled cheese sandwich;

(2) that I sometimes cannot help microwaving to gooey perfection and then inhaling cheese in the stillness before the break of dawn; and

(3) that there are no words, no words to how discontentedly wretched I am when I am wearing anything other than a very pretty dress and, of course, very pretty shoes–yes, even when it is an arctic 40 degrees!

So now you know.

To see the complete collection of my writings on this site, please click here, get comfortable, and spend some time with me.

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Postscript: Thank you mum and David.  You show up faithfully for a few minutes every week without fail to read my thoughts and leave comments–and it means everything!