Happy New Year 20!8

Yay! We Survived 2017. Happy New Year 20!8

Hey, you!

Looks like we made it all the way through 2017.

It was rough! But we mustered through it anyway.

So we get to do the Happy New Year dance.

Here’s to a better year, world peace, and all that jazz…

Call to action: Remember to never give up on love and the pursuit of peace and goodwill for us all!

This Beast Is Real!

It is an ugly beast! And black people across the globe are intimately familiar with its loathsomeness.

It is the heavy cross we bear on our black backs! It is the waking nightmare that follows us on the streets, in our schools, in the workplace, in church, and even in the relationships between black men and black women (or lack thereof). For a black person, like me, there is no escape.

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Are You Living in Storage Space?

Your Home Is Living Space, Not Just Storage Space. ~ Francine Jay

Look around you. Go to every corner of your home, and ask yourself this one question about EVERY single material item you lay your eyes on:

Is it useful? Or is it beautiful? Right NOW, this very minute–NOT some time in the vague future?

If the answer is not a SWIFT yes, then it is junk!

We must be ruthless in discarding the junk from our past so that we can let white space into our lives today and see an uncluttered path to our future.

Call to action: Are you living buried underneath junk from the past that no longer serves you? Don’t you deserve to live in a space that calms you, supports your present, and reveals a clutter-free pathway to your future? Leave a comment below!

If you are going to fail epically, dare greatly!

president theodore roosevelt

NOTE: This post was originally published on December 23, 2014. It is the second post of 152 posts to date on this blog (big pat on the back to me!).

I am currently working on a new project and I am still plagued with doubts and negative what ifs.


It’s tough being human.

So I have been living with the words every day– and they really help.  So if you are struggling with the same demons, these words are for you too.

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How We Survive the Next 3.5 Years!

His Way Is the Way... Christ-like Living Is the Way

My name is Janine and I do not consider myself to be a Christian. I don’t attend services. I don’t read the Bible. I don’t pray.

And apparently, according to a poll taken after the fiasco called General Election 2016 that put an orange arseclown in the Oval Office of these United States, 81% of evangelicals aren’t either.

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Memorial Day: It’s a Sad Day

white crosses with names of fallen soldiers

In the U.S.A, on the last Monday in the month of May, we take a day to remember… to remember all the men and women who have died while serving in our country’s armed forces.

In my hometown, the week before Memorial Day, the local government stakes out on the side of main roads hundreds of white crosses, proudly flying the American flag.

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