Still Waiting

The Good Doctor - S4 - E15 - Waiting

On April 26, 2021, The Good Doctor, a medical drama, aired Episode 15 “Waiting.”

This episode wanted to deal with current social and political issues. The story line involves two mothers Carina and Taryn and their young sons Mason (9 years old) and Ethan (8-1/2 years old) who were on opposite sides of a fictitious and undefined Prop 266 protest.


This Beast Is Real!

It is an ugly beast! And black people across the globe are intimately familiar with its loathsomeness.

It is the heavy cross we bear on our black backs! It is the waking nightmare that follows us on the streets, in our schools, in the workplace, in church, and even in the relationships between black men and black women (or lack thereof). For a black person, like me, there is no escape.