Why Do Successful, Rich Women Consent to be Objectified?

As long as we choose to objectify ourselves, human male “pigs” will win and women will continue to be victimized

A lot of men suck.

And let me be absolutely clear on this point: I don’t give three rats’ behinds if a woman is naked in front of a man. If she hints at or says NO, it’s criminal for any man to victimize her sexually.  Full stop.

But in 2021, are men the only ones who sexually objectify women? I don’t think so.

Let’s Start with a Few Horrible Examples of Sexual Objectification

Example #1 ~ Why did the successful, rich Food Network chef — her family hails from Italy — agree to a photoshoot for a popular men’s magazine where she is wearing a white dress so tight it was probably painted on, and then she was positioned in a pool of marinara sauce, giving the camera a serious come hither look?!


Example #2 ~ Why did a successful, rich, and uber-famous, Academy Award-winning actress and humanitarian known for her full, pouty lips agree to do a photoshoot for a popular men’s magazine wearing nothing but that luscious pout and a barely-there, naughty sliver of silk?!


Example #3 ~ And why did the Food Network’s Ms. EVOO do a spread wearing nothing but a bra, “hot” crotch pants, a tiny red and white gingham apron with pink bows, and red heels as she removes the Thanksgiving turkey from the oven?! And if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, why did she get up on the white-tiled kitchen counter in those same “hot” crotch pants amid suds and giggles?!


These are women who have made it. They’re successful enough and rich enough to call the shots. They’re no longer starving for their art or craft. And yet, when these men’s magazines came calling with their preposterous photo shoot layout ideas, these successful, rich women said, “Yes, sign me up.” When because of their success and wealth, they could’ve said, “Hell no, and kiss my successful, rich and dressed arse.”

… a female pimp is 1,000 times worst than a male pimp.

I can kind of comprehend — not agree with — why a young ingenue who is “starving” for fame and fortune would be tempted to say yes to this foolishness.

But shouldn’t success, wealth, and fame give a woman clout and the ability to keep or regain her dignity and self-respect?! And when a successful, rich woman consents to objectification, isn’t she worst than a male offender?! Sort of how a female pimp is 1,000 times worst than a male pimp.

Here’s what makes my stomach churn even more.

These Same Men’s Magazine Don’t Do This to Their Own

I’ve NEVER seen any handsome, successful, rich man objectified in the absurd manner women are subjected to in popular men’s magazines.

Even if on the rare occasion a man is half-clothed — missing his shirt — there is no open crotch, no suggestion of genitalia exposure, no partially parted lips, no pouts, no arched back, and no arse shots.

“Hell no, and kiss my successful, rich, and dressed arse.”

And they undoubtedly do NOT slosh around in food or give butt shots while removing a turkey from the oven because that would be ridiculous, right?!

For example, Channing — what a bod — Tatum at the height of his Magic Mike era graced one of the same guilty men’s magazines wearing: (1) a pair of long pants, (2) a shirt, (3) a jacket, and, get this, (4) a damn vest too.

So I can’t help but wonder: Why are successful, rich women willingly undressing for the ridiculous and offensive photo opportunities mentioned at the beginning of this article?

Is it vanity? Is it insecurity? Is it just about more money? Is it some deluded sense of power? Do they think they live in a vacuum? Is it all of the above?

And if successful, rich women still aren’t courageous enough or socially conscious/concerned enough to say no to systemic, sexual objectification, then what does this say for the future of all women in a sh*tty patriarchal system?

Men Aren’t Going to Give Up Objectifying Women Unless…

Forever, men have been objectifying women for their own base desires and profit. But now, women are overtly engaging in the sick game and I want to know —

  • What does it say about a woman whose dignity and sensual mystery are for sale, especially when she doesn’t need the money or the “exposure?!”
  • How does it make a woman powerful to be indiscriminately considered fuckable?! In other words, where is the “power” in being used as cheap, disposable entertainment by random men?!
  • Where is the “power” in looking like a submissive, fuckable, blow-up doll trussed up in clothing and sporting sky-high, f**k me stilettos that make a woman prey and unable to take flight from a dangerous situation with ease?!

Yes, many women in entertainment are getting paid to be objects, but does that mean those women are in control? Or, are they being played masterfully by the patriarchy? After all, now, they are undressing for the viewing pleasure of random men or for-profit; paving the way for the continued victimization of other women; and, all the while thinking, they finally have the “power.” But this is not power — this is a cheap and hypocritical delusion.

In most walks of life, real power and confidence have nothing to prove or, in this case, to expose.

In most walks of life, real power and confidence have nothing to prove or, in this case, to expose. Nor is real power persuaded to act against its own long-term interests and those of the “sisterhood.”

On the other hand, an insecure woman searching for daddy’s or any man’s approval or a woman who allows her mind and choices to be defined by a piggish patriarchial Society, well, that’s another story.

Men aren’t going to willingly give up sexually objectifying women. And what right do we have to expect men to be high value, when we fail to conduct ourselves in high-value ways?

Fact Is

If we want men to cease objectifying us, then we need to first cease doing it to ourselves, regardless of what Society insinuates. And this begins by looking in a mirror, asking ourselves the hard questions about why we dress the way we do and why we undress, answering them with brutal honesty, and then refusing to sell our sexuality — and insecurity — for profit or advancement.

P.S. And before someone begins screaming the tiresome refrain “it’s their body, their life,” I agree. It is their body and their life. But, girl, we don’t live in a vacuum. If this is the position a woman wants to take, then she has expressed her lack of respect for biology, psychology, and reality. She has also revealed her lack of concern for the impact and consequences her choices may have for other women in Society. And this selfish, short-sighted attitude is exactly why we still can’t eradicate COVID-19, sexism, racism, and economic inequality.

2 thoughts on “Why Do Successful, Rich Women Consent to be Objectified?”

  1. All women whether rich or poor should always respect their bodies and the way they present themselves to the outside world. After all, is said and done, the older generation of women is the role model that the younger generation learns from and follows.

    • Quite frankly, I don’t understand why loving your body has to equate with getting undressed for the general public. And I certainly don’t understand the insulting and ridiculous posing women are subjected to and consent to do.


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