Why Arbitrary Hate Is Nonsensical

Hate is Nonsensical

What we do to “others,” we do to “us”

After thousands of years of being on the merry-go-round of human existence, we still can’t seem to let go of our intolerance and our hate of other people who differ from us in ways they didn’t or can’t choose. Arbitrary hate is nonsensical.

Hate and intolerance can never be solutions.


How We Get Sucked into Polite, Pointless Conversations on Social Issues

The Good Doctor - S4 - E15 - Waiting

And fail to hold the stupid, the unthinking, and the evil accountable

On April 26, 2021, The Good Doctor, an ABC medical drama, aired Season 4, Episode 15 “Waiting.” This episode dealt with current social and political issues. The storyline involves two mothers Carina and Taryn and their young sons Mason (9 years old) and Ethan (8-1/2 years old) who were on opposite sides of a fictitious and undefined Prop 266 protest. As they’re marching in the protest, both boys are critically shot by drive-by cowards. They’re rushed to the prestigious San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.