Are You as “Rich” as You Could Be?

Are You as "Rich" as You Could Be

One day it will be too late to “mine” these goldmines. So get in there today and dig.

She wept.

Not too long ago, my brother Jeffrey heard the soft sounds of tears from another room. He went to check it out and found his 16-year-old daughter weeping with her whole heart.


Why Fathers Are Not Optional

Happy Daddy's Day

Egg plus sperm: Could it be Happy Father’s Day?

Moms get so much of the glory — and deservedly so. But, sometimes, it seems fathers and their value is under appreciated and undervalued. And that just isn’t right!

Because while he does not carry and push life out into this world, a father is an essential contributor to its creation. And his continued presence and involvement is essential if the child he helped to create is to thrive spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.