3 Quotes to World Peace

OK, the truth is, I have no idea how we can achieve world peace. But maybe we could start here:

You can’t reason with the unreasonable.

3 Quotes to World Peace

Have nothing to say unless, of course, we are about to witness someone’s immediate suicide or are standing in the dark shadows of potent evil.

Just don’t try to converse with the insane and the chronically stupid.

Can you taste their salty tears.

What One Sentence Could Save the World?

This may be the most important thing of all.

We need to grow up and stop seeing anyone who isn’t like us as other. I feel certain that this is one of the absolute keys to world peace.

Mind your own business.

And maybe the most impossible of all.

3 Quotes to World Peace

Hey, it may not bring world peace, but it would get us headed right in the right direction.

3 thoughts on “3 Quotes to World Peace”

  1. Sounds good and seems easy to accomplish. However, as long as there are evil, egotistical. power hungry, and unreasonable people in the universe, world peace will be unattainable. Your concept is well put, and maybe attainable in another lifetime, but not in this one.


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