Happy Mother’s Day 2016!

I was born into a family of warriors, really strong people. ~ SHAILENE WOODLEY

A mother gives birth to life, to the future. There is nothing, nothing more essential, more extraordinary than giving birth to, nurturing, and protecting a new life until that life can fly on its own. This is a very lovely thing.

As for me, I have been immensely blessed. My mum is a warrior. She has nurtured, protected, and sacrificed for me. And I love her–and I hope that I show her that for me every day is a Happy Mother’s Day!

For all the wonderful mothers out there, I hope that your babies, small and grown, make you feel that every day is a Happy Mother’s Day.

Call to action: If your mother is as special as mine, then make every day a Happy Mother’s Day!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day 2016!”

  1. I look forward to your special edition posts. What in this world is more essential than moms. Beyond beginning life, a nurturing mother is so needed to equip us for our journey. I love you Mom.

    • You are a good son! And I think that “special edition” is a good reference for these types of posts.


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