Are You Hiding and Hoping?!

“We all live in hiding. In one way or another, each of us conceals pieces of ourselves from the rest of the world. Some people hide because their lives depend on it, others because they don’t like being seen. And then there are the special cases, the ones who hide because… because… because they just want someone to care enough to look for them.”  ~ U.S. Marshal Mary Shannon, “In Plain Sight, Season 1, Pilot”

The quote above is from the Pilot episode (2008), and it’s brilliant. Brilliant. We all want to really matter deeply to someone else. We all want someone else to care deeply enough about us to miss us if we disappear. We all want someone else to care enough to actively take the effort to come searching for us every. time.

So think about it: If life’s disappointments, betrayals, regrets, and heartbreaks were to shove you  into hiding, literally or emotionally, do you know who would care enough to come searching for you and keeping on searching for you until they found you?

And if the tables were turned, do you know who you would search for and keep searching for?

Hiding and being sought is the theme for the series and for real life. And I hope with all my heart that you have a sure “who” to both questions.

2 thoughts on “Are You Hiding and Hoping?!”

  1. When I read your post today, it made me look at my life and I came up with some very troubling thoughts. If was was to go missing today, of my four children I know for certain that one of them would come searching for me, maybe two. This makes me very sad. However, if the tables were turned, I would go looking for all of them! When you care about the people you love whether they be children, family or good friends you will always care to know where they are and how they are. You will always look for them.


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