The Ultimate Declutter Is…

Yes, at birth, we all swallowed a mortal brew.

As an out of the womb minimalist, I’ve been decluttering my whole life.

But lately, I’ve been even more ruthlessly removing clothes, shoes, books, digital files that don’t serve who I am today. This even extends to people, including family and friends, I don’t love or respect.

We waste so much of our lives holding on to immaterial physical and emotional “stuff.”

It’s so tragic that we cannot let go of the unimportant and useless “stuff” that no longer serves or never served us — until life forces us to.

In case you’ve figured it out yet —

DEATH is the ultimate declutter.

But I say let’s not wait for death.

And let’s not leave a mess for the living to clean up.

Instead, intentionally clean out your physical, your emotional, your social, and your intellectual “spaces” TODAY. Be courageous. Be fierce. It’s time.

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