Love Is Magic #1

Happy Wednesday!

I want to share words of love that have touched me over the years. So here are some of my favorite love quotes just for you. I’ll be doing this every Wednesday.

I hope they make you feel warm with the glow of love.


Real love casts a spell and transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. It’s magic.

Love is the closest thing to magic here on Earth. ~ AQUAMARINE

Aren’t we all longing for that “one in seven billion” someone who makes it comfortable to be our truest selves?!

I am someone else wth you. Someone more like myself. ~ ORIGINAL SIN

I remember how wonderful it felt wrapped in Love’s warm embrace.

I feel it now, my love... the sunlight. It's in your eyes. ~ FIRST KNIGHT

This sounds deliciously sexy. 12th Commandment: Everyone should have the RIGHT someone look at them with love in precisely this way at least once.

He looked at me as if he's the spoon and I'm a dish of ice cream. ~ JANE AUSTEN BOOK CLUB

It is, you know. Everything. Beginning. Middle. End. Everything.

Love is everything: the beginning, the middle, the end. ~ JANINEHELLIGAR.COM

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