Love Is Magic #4

Happy Wednesday!

Ah, this is the last week in February, and today, the last Wednesday. And so these will be my last official quoted images on love. Can you believe how super fast this month went by?!

Anyhoo, here are four more of my absolute favorite quotes on love:

The bottom line in love is not whether someone loves you, but whether someone chooses you.

Call me greedy —- I want BOTH! Not only should we be loved beyond reason, but we must be chosen too. I deserve it, and so do you!

I've earned him. He's such a good person.

DO. NOT. Do not believe any of that rubbish about unconditional love. Love by its very nature is discriminatory and conditional. If not, what’s the point?! Honestly, do you want to be loved in general terms; or do you want to be loved specifically and precisely for your unique details? The things that are true of you and no one else. Real love, romantic or platonic, is earned — and it is this very fact that shelters us in this life. The value of love is in the earning.

He is like a tree. He shelters me. I lie in his shade.

When the violent, raging wild fires of reality and disappointment sweep in and threaten to annihilate to a black, burnt up crisp every hope and dream we’ve ever had, love shelters.

What is the one thing a person can do do destroy a relationship without fail? Nothing.

The act of loving isn’t hard labor — it should be approached as one would joyous work. Approach actively loving someone with the right attitude: To express love is to give joy and to feel joy.

Well, it has been great fun thinking and writing about love. It has been fun making these lovely quoted images. I hope you’ve enjoyed them (and my posts) and I hope they have made you really look at and expand your definition of love…

Happy loving…

Call to action: Shelter someone, won’t you.?!

I’m pretty proud of this post, so check it out: Who’s your sweetie?!

4 thoughts on “Love Is Magic #4

  1. I have enjoyed all you definition of love for this month. You have opened my understanding on what is love by your explicit explanations. I look forward to your future blogs. keep them coming.

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