He Died Yesterday!

He died yesterday.

I fell madly, deeply, and truly in love with him on a beautiful, sunny day in 1980.

And through the years, when life has overwhelmed or shattered my heart, I could always turn to him to quiet the ugly stuff that rages inside — INSTANTLY.

His voice was sublime–smooth and rich and filled to the brim with understanding and kindness.

The exquisite magic of a Don Williams’ song started from the first few bars of the musical intro and the very first line.

Here are just a few–okay, more than few–examples of the quintessential magic that was Don Williams:

From “Some Broken Hearts Never Mend”: Coffee black, cigarettes. (Gives me chills–and I’ve never drank coffee or smoked cigarettes!)

From “Just ‘Cause I’m in Love with You“: It’s true you’ve got me going ‘round circles.

From “I’ve Been Loved by the Best“: Darling, if you ever leave me, well, I’ll just put my heart away.

From “I Keep Putting Off Getting Over You“: I keep your picture on the dresser. I keep your pillow on the bed.

From “Heartbeat in the Darkness:” Cadillac smiles and the latest styles in this world, they ain’t no part of me.

From “If Hollywood Don’t Need You”: Well, you know I’m not much good at writing letters.

From “Good Ole Boys Like Me“: When I was a kid, Uncle Remus would put me to bed.

From “Expert at Everything“: No one could love me the way that you love, but is it a matter of time.

From “I’m Getting at Missing You“: Solitaire. I’m getting good at Solitaire.

From his last CDI Just Come Here for the Music” with Alison Krauss (the most angelic female voice ever). He still sounded AMAZING: He doesn’t mean to come on too strong.

And the one that started it for me. From “I Believe in You“: I don’t believe in superstars, organic food, and foreign cars.

Today, upon hearing the news, I wept.

He was–and is–my absolute favorite.

And I miss him already!

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  1. A wonderful tribute to a great artist! Well done and well written. I will miss him too. Thank goodness, he left us all those beautiful, heartfelt and soul wrenching songs. R.I.P.


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