It Starts with the G-Word, GRATITUDE

This has been a very good weekend. On Friday, Michael came up from South Florida to see and just be with me and do nothing. And it reminded me that it was again time to give pause and remember what I can be grateful for.

I’m so grateful for my mum and dad who have always given me an oasis of certain love in world where love is difficult if not impossible to find and keep. I’m so lucky to still have BOTH of my parents here to talk and share with every. day.

With my circle of four close friends, I’m grateful to have such “serious” relationships built on loving constancy. When I told someone that my friend Michael was coming for a visit, he asked if it was “serious” between Michael and I. I said: “Yes, it is very “serious.” In fact, we’ve been “serious” for over 34 years!”

I ‘m grateful that today I have this roof over my head (even though my neighbors are thoughtless arseclowns), that my tummy is sated from a breakfast of a cheese omelet and a refreshingly delicious green drink, and that another meal is highly likely later on.

I’m grateful that even though illness came for a visit and made itself permanently at home in my body, I am stronger than I ever thought I could be.

No, my life ain’t what I had hoped. It never was — and it will never be. And most days I cannot help but be a little — or, sometimes, a lot — cockeyed pining wistfully after my cherished delusions of happiness.

But I’m such a lucky human!

But it’s clear that I have so much to be thankful for. So even when life drags me through a steaming pile of recurrent physical discomforts and emotional defeats and disappointments, gratitude sustains. Yes, gratitude gives me cause to stand up and spurs me to tread back into this jumbled, insane turmoil we call life.

Call-to-action: What about you? Share with us in the comment section what sustains you through life’s insanity and what you’re grateful for today?

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5 thoughts on “It Starts with the G-Word, GRATITUDE”

  1. I will be always grateful that Mother Thomas arranged the marriage between your father and I, because it bought you into my life. Even though the marriage has long gone south, I thank God for you everyday. Thank you for being the strong lady that you are even with the difficulties and pain that you endure constantly you still manage to put others first and is always ready to help and assist. Love you!

    • Nahla, life is challenging and unexpected. My illness has revealed to me things that I never imagined about myself — and I am glad to know it. Again, thank you for joining the conversation and for your encouragement.


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