Last night as I lay in the black of night, away from the collective consciousness of the world, deep in slumber, I had a deep dream:

We danced with our hearts close,
rather than separated by oceans of defenses,
of pretenses, of fears,
of towering walls of mistrust.
So afraid of the other’s truth.

Rather we pulled each other in close.
And placed our warm hand on the thumping heart of the other
and talked and shared,
and trusted and cared.

I deep into you. You deep into me

We stripped “naked.”
Dropped our defenses;
forgot our pretenses;
lay waste to our fears and flattened those towering walls.

Our souls bare and defenseless to each other,
exposed to the gaze of the other for just a moment…
or an eternity.
Protective of one another.

You deep into me. I deep into you

Our eyes were open like those of a newborn babe
gazing on the world for the first time;
our ears waited patiently;
our arms open, beckoning, eager to be filled;
our hearts already full.

I deep into you. And you deep into me.


Then, I turned to go deeper into my dream, but instead I blinked and squinted at the bright light of a new day peeking through my bedroom window. It was already morning.

And I realized, oh, it was just a dream… and I was very sad — for it was a sweet, sweet dream while it lasted.

Call to action: What do you think is the meaning of my dream?

3 thoughts on “Deep”

  1. I have similar dreams. I believe that in our sleep (our subconscious mind) this is what we really wish for when we are awake and conscious. Yes, some people seems to have this dream in their wakefulness while it seems to evade others. My suggestion is to continue searching and never give up on your dream. Who knows maybe just maybe your dreams are about to become a reality.


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