Lies, Lies, and More Lies

For most of us, lies define not just half our lives but our whole lives.

Rigorous examination of our interior and exterior world is a frightening undertaking.

We lack the capacity or can’t muster the strength of will to think beyond the prepackaged lies we’ve been force-fed since birth.

There is an awful lot of “manure” to dig through… and where does one even begin to shovel?

We lack the depth or courage necessary to “see” that the emperor is, indeed, not wearing any clothes.

Facing the truth would then challenge us to ask more of ourselves, to face our demons, to accept the futility of it all…

So we default or choose to live with “comforting” lies and other delusions…

God help us.

4 thoughts on “Lies, Lies, and More Lies”

  1. When I think about liars or people who lie excessively, one person comes to mind: Donald Trump. It worries me that if we, the majority, stay home on on November 8, we run the risk of having a bunch of liars in the White House running the country. Just think what a great catastrophe that will be!

  2. I wish it was not true, but it is. When the most well meaning people we know (our parents), who may only be trying to protect us lie, it sets the whole thing in motion. I guess the fact that most of us lie to ourselves daily makes it OK to lie to others. We are deflecting pain sometimes, taking the easy way out other times. Bold face examples like Donald Trump seem to think if they repeat the lie enough times it will be reality. I guess it is mass circulation.

    • DT is not only lying. He is insane! Because I think he might actually believe his delusions and lies are, in fact, truth. And now he has stupid, arseclown minions who are actually encouraging his nonsense. I just don’t understand!


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