Lying under a tree, looking up at God

When the dog bites, when the bee stings, and I’m feeling sad. But it is absolutely stunning outside, I find myself the tallest, oldest, and greenest tree, I lie beneath it, I look up, and I bask in the wonder of dappled sunlight dancing playfully on my skin. And I imagine that God is sprinkling goodness down on me.

I found such distracting beauty in the twisty, gnarly branches blanketed in a patina of lichen.

Call to action: Open up and share what brings you close to God, infinity, or whatever you call it?

1 thought on “Lying under a tree, looking up at God”

  1. @S.P. It was a particularly glorious day in Victoria when I shot this picture. In fact, I used my camera more that day than I ever had previously. Inspiring city!


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