So Much NoThing

Am I the only person, who thinks there is way too much nothing going on in our world today?

So many — a lot — nothing books… Everyone Is Italian on Sunday by Rachael Ray comes out later this month. I have to ask: Do we need yet another cookbook on how to cook pasta and tomato sauce?! Do we?!

So many noisy, ridiculous nothing movies… Yes, I am looking at you Fast & Furious 8, Iron Man 3, et al…

So many inane, vapid, dull, tedious nothing TV shows. Really, why the frack is everyone desperately keeping up with all these silly women on reality TV shows? Why?!

So many g-d awful nothing magazines. Seriously, do we need another “revolutionary” how-to on getting the holy grail of fitness, a flat tummy?!

And why does a certain section of my local magazine stands resemble a porn site?!

So many truly horrible song lyrics like “But you wanna say no… What do you mean? Hey… When you don’t want me to move… But you tell me to go… What do you mean?” and so forth, ad nauseam. This is the load of ca-ca that sits at #2 this week on Billboard Top 100 Songs.

What are you about? Nothing or Something?

So many conversations about nothing — the weather is, well, the weather — when there are so many important thoughts, ideas, and feelings that need to be shared.

And saddest of all: So many people who are about nothing –. no decency, no integrity, no charity… Nothing!

And now, such a man is standing right outside the door of the Oval Office, pounding, screaming, and pointing his finger like a maniac to be let in.


Oh, the dreck, the dreck. And because I like threes, I’ll say it again: the dreck!

TRUTH: What the world needs desperately right this minute are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually mature people who are ready to fight to protect this nation, its highest office, and, as a result, the free world.

Over to you:  How can one of the most civilized nations on the planet, Have so many deluded people willingly supporting a Presidential nominee, the potential leader of the free world, whose character stands for nothing mature or noble or prudent and who is clearly a devotee of totalitarian chaos?

4 thoughts on “So Much NoThing”

  1. (1) Every and any body are writing books, but they all have nothing new to write about. (2) Now that Hollywood has re-made all the old classic movies, and now all they have to offer us are stupid reality shows. (3) Even the churches do not sing gospel songs anymore. They make up songs with lyrics that do not make much sense to me. (4) The magazines are full of advertising (with few real articles) encouraging foolish people to buy, buy, buy.

    Really, what can people with pea brains talk about besides the weather? Those of us who know better must do better. Stop, look, listen and act. Maybe just maybe there are enough people left who can still make a difference and turn things around.


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