This Beast Is Real!

It is an ugly beast! And black people across the globe are intimately familiar with its loathsomeness.

It is the heavy cross we bear on our black backs! It is the waking nightmare that follows us on the streets, in our schools, in the workplace, in church, and even in the relationships between black men and black women (or lack thereof). For a black person, like me, there is no escape.

What is the ugliness I speak of:

White Privilege!

Tim Wise (a white man) talks eloquently about it in his book White Like Me: Reflections of a Privileged Son. Yes, he gets it right!

And the video below brilliantly and visually expresses “the hot pink elephant seated smack dab in the middle of this country on its haunches” that so many of its beneficiaries deny or pretend away.

(NOTE: I wish I knew the source of this video so that I could credit them and say thank you!)

White privilege is real. In fact, it’s an institution.

And if you can watch this video and still feel self-righteous and/or deny its truth, you just do NOT want to get it.

That’s all I gotta say. For now…

Check out these two posts “I Don’t Like All Black People” and “Are You Beauty Stupid?!” that are anything but black or white.

Call to action: Share in the comments your feelings or experiences as a beneficiary of white privilege or as its victim. Oh, and pay attention to hot pink elephants.

6 thoughts on “This Beast Is Real!”

  1. This is such a powerful video! If I was a part of this group I would have been one of the black people who did not take even ONE step forward. How very sad! I am now a senior citizen and still nothing have change. It did not change for my four children, and I ask myself will it change for my grandchildren? I hope so, but I an not holding my breath.

    • Yes, I know this is your story. And I am so discouraged that it hasn’t changed. And even more discouraged that I agree with The Edge and you that it is unlikely to ever change. It is the rare human who will give up privilege, even after they know it is built on the backs of others.

  2. Powerful video with a simple, but complex message. Thing is, it is an institution and therefore unlikely to change. I take it for granted myself.

  3. This video is indeed powerful and it reflects a truth in America that we have never dealt with. If Reconstruction had been allowed to play out as it should have, with former slaves receiving all that they were promised and due; then, this country would not be stuck.

    Over 150 years after the end of slavery, we are still unable to talk about this country’s Original Sin. Although, one could argue that the genocide committed against Native Americans is a close second. We are still talking over each other and I think the primary reason is that acknowledging this painful truth and it’s trauma challenges everything we see ourselves as.

    Are we not the land of the free? The land of liberty and justice and the planets only true meritocracy? These beliefs when challenged evoke cries of not being American and of trying to destroy this perfect creation.

    Until we as a people embrace all that we are, we risk never fulfilling our true potential.

    • You speak the truth, brother. However, as desperate as the Black condition is, I think Native Americans are even more tragic. Yes, we blacks are in pain and struggle, but at least you can still see us. When is the last time you or anyone you know laid eyes on a Native American?

      I think the reason these truths are not acknowledged are multi-layered. And I think the thickest layer is that the privileged ones are not interested in relinquishing their privilege. Yes, there are some who are afraid to face the ugly truth about this country’s history. But based on the nonsense that happened in General Election 2016 and that has been happening nonstop since, there is great many who are just plain ignorant and racist and are happy to stew in their moronic ideology.

      We are not the land of the free or the land of liberty. And we are damn sure not the land of justice. And we NEVER were any of the above.

      The real question now is: Are we even capable of freedom, liberty and justice for all?

      As long as that arseclown holds office and his fan base refuses to choose sanity and good sense, I don’t think we are!


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