Time Is Running Out

FACT: One day it will be too late.

Call to action: Are you playing hide and go seek like a child, hoping the ticking hands of time never ever find you? Is there something you want to do? Is there someone you need to have a heart to heart talk with?

3 thoughts on “Time Is Running Out”

  1. It really amazes me when people say, “I am still young, I have lots of time.” I was young yesterday, today I am a senior citizen. There are so much that I wanted to do, but have not and will never do. Time is not promised to anyone. Therefore, what we want to do we must do quickly.

    • Time is a ruthless prankster. I have a dear friend whose daughter was just six when we met. Now, that little girl is a married woman over 30 with a two year old and pregnant with twins. Where did all that time I thought I had go?! Where?! I am now pass the 18 to 49 demographics advertising execs and TV ratings care about. But inside this older me, still lives the young girl with those dreams of love and happiness that I was–and still am. [SIGH]


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