Say No, So You Can say Yes

No and Yes are without a doubt the two most powerful words in any human language.

These two short words coexist like the wrong and the right sides do in the same garment.

Because before you can say Yes to what you do want, you must say No to the things — who or what — you don’t.

Once No has cleared the path of rubbish like stupid people and their bullsh*t, you can say Yes to things like —

  • Yes, I’m here. Therefore, I matter. So no you can’t treat me like prey or toss me aside like a used paper cup.
  • Yes, I have my own thoughts, my own opinions, and my own preferences. Duh! Deal with it!
  • Yes, I want in.

So, isn’t time you get still and quiet and honest? Who or what do you need to say No to, so you can get to the Yes that matters?

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