Love Is Magic #2

Happy Wednesday!

Frankly, I have never given a rat’s behind about Valentine’s Day. It is a cleverly made up “holiday” by very smart marketers who prey on our dreams of and yearnings for love by turning “love” into a commodity that greases the wheel of economy.

Here’s what I think. If you’re my man, every day better be Valentine’s Day. Every. Day. And my man should expect the same from me. Seriously, life is just too short for anything else.

In fact, we should regularly do little acts of love and attention to show those we care for — including daddies, mommies, brothers, sisters, and BFFs — that they complete us too.

With that said, I’m in love with love and February 14, Valentine’s Day, is just a couple of days away. So today, let me fill up your heart with a few of my favorite words on love:

Yes, Yes, Yes, Carrie. I’ll have what you’re having.

I'm looking for real love. Real love. Ridiculous. Inconvenient. Consuming. Can't live without each other love.

Helen Keller may have been blind, but she saw deeply into life and what truly matters.

The best adn most beautiful things cannot be seen or even touched; they must be felt with the heart.

And finally, I gotta quote Sex and the City again, because life is just too short to settle for anything less than…

Some people are settling down; some people are settling; and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies.

Call to action: Enjoy thinking about love…

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