Grow a Spine and Just Ask

FIRST, let me just say this: I love you Detective Laura Diamond for your “I most definitely got your number, and I am not buying any of your nonsense” audacity.

And when you uttered these words during the last scene in the last episode of season two to Jake (ex husband), my heart skipped a beat or two, and I got to thinking about how a real grown up person should ask for what they want or need.

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Our Tiny Details

She died in 2006 shortly before her 42nd birthday, and I still think of her with love and miss her desperately, especially when I see periwinkle blue or a copy of Cooking Light magazine.

And when I hear Kool & the Gang’s Get Down on It, I can still remember standing at my dorm room window at Florida State University. And I can still see her “getting down” on Landis Green to her favorite song.

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Touch Me, Kiss Me, Thrill Me

Dearest Reader!

One of the loveliest aspects of romantic love is the enduring imprint it inevitably leaves on our heart and body.

So much so that even if “love” only lasts for an hour, a day, or weeks, years later when other “urgent” memories have faded, the memory of a single moment can still reach down into our being with its long arms and touch us deeply–decades later.

This is a true story of such a moment of “love:”

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